Cheap luggage or expensive luggage?

It’s spring! Don’t you just feel like hitting the road? Well, maybe you do if you don’t travel for a living.

Either way, luggage. I’ve had my fair share of experiences with luggage over the years. Lost luggage, broken luggage, matching luggage — you name it. Currently, I travel with a non-descript, black roller that I can barely distinguish from anyone else’s. I bought it for $49 at Target in 2008. It replaced a smaller roller that lasted two trips and cost all of $19. (No wonder, right?)

I can get away (haha) with a $49 roller because I don’t travel a lot these days. If anything, it’s a weekend jaunt to visit family and friends every six months or so. I expect I will have to buy something new later this year because one of the wheels is shot and it wobbles when I walk too fast.

It doesn’t just wobble, actually. It starts to wobble. And then if you don’t slow down or stop, the wobbling gets more and more violent until it actually flips itself over! It’s really fun when your flight was delayed and you have 10 minutes to get to your next flight on a different concourse.

To Wobble or Not to Wobble?

Since I don’t expect to be traveling any more frequently than I do right now, I’m not likely to spend a lot for a replacement.

But if my job required it or my vacations were a little more involved like Holly’s family vacations, I think I would buy more expensive luggage. My husband, Terry, travels a lot for work — and he swears by his expensive brand.

I have to admit that more expensive luggage has its advantages. Of course, it tends to last a lot longer. Terry bought his set in 2012, and it still looks like new. That, and it is just well-designed for the business traveler. The important, frequently used things you travel with are within easy reach and there is no wasted space.

Still, he had to convince himself that it was the right way to spend his money. His work has always involved a lot of travel. And before he decided to invest in the expensive brand, he would spend about $80 to $100 every year replacing his worn-out luggage. The expensive brand cost about $500 and came with a lifetime warranty. I don’t think he will ever go back to cheaper luggage now.

Luggage always tells a story. It used to be that you’d plaster it with stickers from the places you had seen. Even empty, it was heavy and sturdy. Sometimes it was musty from being on the rafters in the garage too long. Before then, people traveled with a trunk!

Now, it’s designer high-end luggage or hard-sided, spinning luggage or superhero luggage (my personal favorite). My kind of luggage has no story to tell, no personality whatsoever. What a waste! Maybe I should wait for luggage that hovers over the ground so you only have to move your hand slightly to the right or left to get it to move with you as you run to the next plane. I had best start saving now! 😉

Do you buy cheap luggage or expensive luggage? How much do you spend, and is it worth it? Tell us your luggage stories in the comments below!

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