Savings Strategies: Little Moves That Equal Big Money

Photo illustration of money growing over time

So, you've decided to enact some savings strategies.

You've banned takeout, swapped all venti fat-free lattes for the trusty Mr. Coffee at home, staged the yard sale, cut the cable, dropped the landline, raised your insurance deductibles, brown bagged every single lunch for months, and ... plan to limit the A/C all sweatin'-summer long.

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How I cut my Comcast cable bill by 33% (without losing any service)

This article started out as the individual experience of one personal finance blogger as he successfully haggled with his cable company to reduce his bill by 33% back in 2009. Unfortunately, that sinking feeling you are overpaying for services such as cable is still alive and well in 2016.

But other things have changed dramatically. In 2009, Netflix was still known by many as the company with the red and white DVD sleeves that came in the mail. Hulu didn't launch until 2007. Was there life before Amazon Prime? Not sure.

So if you are here to find out how to cut the cord with cable entirely, take these exact steps (in 2016). If you'd like to see how you can keep cable but pay less thanks to this great post by blogger G.E. Miller, jump to Cheaper Cable TV

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