What’s your why? My talk from Camp FI in April

Today, I’m pleased to present the first-ever video from the Get Rich Slowly channel on YouTube. If all goes according to plan, there will be many more such videos in the future, not all of which will be shared here on the blog. So, if you’re interested in catching all of the video material I produce, you should subscribe to the YouTube channel!

This first clip is a 27-minute recording of a talk I gave on April 15th at Camp FI in Spring Grove, Virginia.

For those unfamiliar, Camp FI is a series of weekend retreats that let a few dozen folks come together to chat about Financial Independence and early retirement. The events are largely unstructured, a chance for attendees to meet and mingle with like-minded folks. But they’re not entirely unstructured. Throughout the weekend, there are a handful of presentations on subjects like real-estate investing, safe withdrawal rates, and credit card hacking.

But when I speak, I like to talk about Big Picture topics, such as the importance of purpose and why you should create a personal mission statement.

In fact, that’s the subject of this presentation, which took place on the twelfth anniversary of Get Rich Slowly. “What’s your why?” I asked attendees. Why do you want financial independence? Why do you want to retire early? Why do you want to sacrifice today in favor of tomorrow?

Typically when I share videos from other people, I provide in-depth summaries. As an old man, I’d much rather read a presentation than be forced to watch it. I don’t want to force you folks to watch videos either. In this case, however, I’m not going to do that. If you’ve been following me for any length of time, much of this will be familiar to you. (See how to write a personal mission statement if you’re new around here and don’t want to watch the video.)

Whether or not you watch this particular video, I’d be grateful if you subscribed to the GRS YouTube channel. Apparently, certain features on YouTube can’t be “unlocked” unless you have enough folks who want to view your stuff.

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