David Bach, author of The Automatic Millionaire, has some tips for a great life after graduation.

  1. Choose your life — “You don’t get what you wish for in life, you get what you go for.” Make things happen. Choose your life — don’t let it happen to you. Be responsive.
  2. Follow your plan — “Don’t blindly follow the expectations of your parents, professors, or mentors. Their beliefs are based on their life experience, not yours. They don’t control your destiny, you do.” Be your own person.
  3. See the world — If you’re one of the 93 percent of college students who wanted to study abroad but never did, “now’s a great time to do it before a career, mortgage, kids, and other responsibilities loom large in your life.” Travel can change your life.
  4. Become a young automatic millionairePay yourself first. Save ten percent of everything you earn. “The sooner you start to save money the more freedom you will have to be who you really want to be.”
  5. Take some risks — “The sooner you go for your dreams, the better your chances of living a life where your dreams come true. The longer you wait, the harder dreams are to achieve.” Don’t live a life of fear; live a life of courage. Don’t procrastinate.

When I graduated fifteen years ago, I didn’t have any goals or dreams or plans. I let life happen to me. I acquired debt instead of building wealth. I took no risks, but played it safe. For fifteen years, I regretted these decisions. I’m only now beginning to make the life I want.

After graduation, you’re poised at the edge of one stage of life and the beginning of another. It’s the perfect time to make positive changes, to set goals, to try new things.

Be passionate about what you believe and do!

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