By far the most popular feature here at Get Rich Slowly is the Sunday "Reader Stories" column. Every week, we share an actual story from a reader like you. Sometimes the stories are instructive, describing how to do something with personal finance. Sometimes they're inspirational, showing how somebody achieved financial success. And sometimes they're object lessons, demonstrating how not to use your money.

Although we'd love to publish every story we receive, there are just too many. We have to pick and choose. To maximize the chances we'll use your story, remember the following:

  • Your story doesn't have to be an example of what to do right with money, but be aware that readers can get cranky with folks they think are making dumb decisions. If you think you can handle negative comments, then go ahead and share examples of what not to do.
  • Keep things entertaining! Write naturally, as if you were sending an e-mail to a friend. Don't try to gussy it up for Get Rich Slowly. We'll help edit things so they're presentable.
  • Readers have made it very clear that they're tired of bankruptcy and "I ran away from debt" stories. Your story can still have these elements, but try not to make them the focus. If your story is, "I got out of debt by declaring bankruptcy", it'll go near the bottom of the stack.
  • Length doesn't matter (your story can be long or short). You don't have to put the story in MS Word or any other format. Just type it up and send it over to contact@getrichslowly (dot-org, not dot-com).
  • And if you need to be anonymous for whatever reason, be sure to specify that, too.

That's it, really. If you'd like to submit a reader story to Get Rich Slowly, here's how to do it...

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