This is the seventh (and final) weekly installment in Luneray‘s homebuying adventure. Previous entries include:

This week, Luneray is a homeowner!

The paperwork has closed and the title transferred and recorded. We are homeowners. But all I feel is numb.

Oscar and I spent the afternoon down at Our Place doing a wee home improvement project before we moved in. It was a really simple project. Really. I thought it would take us three hours max.

But we hadn’t yet learned the Laws of Home Improvement:

  1. A project, no matter how simple and small, will take you at least three times longer than you think it will. This does not include the time it takes for various goos and putties to dry and cure.
  2. No matter how well you plan in advance, you will always need something that you don’t have.
  3. You and your spouse will have entirely different ideas of how said project should be done.

Tomorrow was supposed to be full-steam-ahead packing day. But I lost several hours today, and tomorrow I can easily see spending most of the day finishing said home improvement project. It’s only a stupid shower insert. Why is it so difficult?

Many thanks to Luneray for allowing me to reprint her adventures. And best wishes for a safe and happy home. I may share periodic updates of her new home in the future. I’ll also share some old stories about remodeling my house. If you have stories about homeownership you’d like to share, drop me a line.

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