Several weeks ago I shared Matildaben’s question about junkyards.

Should I get a car part at a junkyard/salvage yard/auto recycler, and how do I go about it? I need a side mirror assembly for a 1998 Nissan Sentra. Should I get it at a junkyard?

Both AskMetafilter readers and Get Rich Slowly readers told her, “Yes, go to a junkyard. It’s worth it.” Matildaben wrote the following update:

I went to Nix Auto Wrecking in Ballard, which I found using the We didn’t get a chance to go into the junkyard itself — the helpful employee, Matt, went back himself and took the mirror off the car, to which it was still attached. We waited about 20 minutes for him to do this. I took some photos of the lobby and areas accessible therefrom. The mirror cost about $60.

I have a repair guide I bought off eBay when I first got the car, and there was a short paragraph on how to replace the mirror. There’s a little black plastic cover on the inside of the door that I was able to snap off, and the mirror is attached by three screws and the electricals are attached by one connector. I was able to get two of the screws off myself, but was not physically strong enough to get the third screw or the electrical connector. I tried to get a friend to come over to help out but no one was available. My mechanic said they could do the replacement for about $75 but I wanted to do it myself since it seems so straightforward.

Ultimately, I drove to a local gas station that has a service center that was open on weekends and a guy there did it for me in five minutes. He didn’t write up a bill for the service, but I tipped him $20.

I love businesses like that — those that do little things for free. I tend to be very loyal to such places.