What do couples fight about more than anything else? Sex. But what’s a close second? Money.

USA Today is running a seven-week series of articles about relationships and finances. Each week the paper profiles a different couple, examining their relationship with money and then asking a financial planner to offer recommendations for improvement.

For example, this week’s couple — Willie and Jennifer Jackson — have good incomes, but are burdened with debt and a late-start on retirement savings. They’ve never paid much attention to where there money goes, so the retirement planner suggests that they keep a budget and become more aware of their financial situation.

The USA Today site also features a Flash-based series of money features, including:

  • A compatibility quiz,
  • A budget optimizer,
  • Information about domestic partners,
  • Tools for defeating debt,
  • A fiscal check-up, and
  • And a “ready to retire?” feature (coming soon).

This is an interesting series — well-worth spending the time to read over a lunch break. It’s great to see personal finance featured prominently in a national publication.