• Question of the Day Marathon #1 (0 comment)

    AllFinancialMatters wonders: If your budget required you to give up something that you like because you just didn’t have enough money to cover your expenses, what would that be?

  • Turn Your Loose Change Into Lattes (0 comment)

    ParentHacks says that you can turn your loose change into lattes for free with a promotion from Coinstar.

  • 10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job (1 comment)

    Steve Pavlina shares 10 reasons you should never get a job. Yet another voice in the “work-for-yourself” choir.

  • Fueling a Lifestyle (0 comment)

    Wow. A fantasticly detailed systematic approach to analyzing the fuel efficiency of one vehicle.

  • Help Me Learn High Finance (0 comment)

    Help me learn high finance

  • How to Get (Nearly) Free Stuff from eBay (0 comment)

    College v2 writes that eBay can be an excellent way to stock your dorm room. Make the low minimum bids on local stuff that isn’t worth shipping. Opt for local pickup. Brilliant!

  • Is There an Online Alternative to Quicken? (13 comments)

    AskMe: Are there online systems that allow good tracking of cashflow? I suggested billQ, though I’m not sure that’s what the poster is after.

  • How to Brew Cheap Wine (0 comment)

    Left of Me on how to brew cheap wine — emphasis on cheap!

  • Hot Window Breeze or Cool Car Breeze? (1 comment)

    AskMe: What is more fuel efficient? Driving with your window(s) down, or with the air conditioner on?

  • The Home Office Tax Deduction (0 comment)

    The home office tax deduction — useful information for those with a small home business [via Andrea]

  • How to Recycle Practically Anything (1 comment)

    Make Blog points to a great article on how to recycle practically anything. Some of the suggestions can actually save you money!

  • Take Small Businesses to the Next Level (0 comment)

    Amanda has some thoughts on taking her small business to the next level.

  • 25 Everyday Things I’m Doing to Save Money (0 comment)

    Dumb Little Man shares every day choices that save money

  • DIY Macro Photo Studio (0 comment)

    The MAKE:blog highlights a nifty $10 DIY macro photo studio

  • Carnival of Debt Reduction #43 (0 comment)

    My Money Forest has posted the 43rd carnival of debt reduction.

  • Carnival of Investing #30 (0 comment)

    Also up is this week’s carnival of investing at Experiments in Finance.

  • Carnival of Personal Finance #56 (0 comment)

    This week’s carnival of personal finance is up at The Real Returns.

  • Workshop for Kids (0 comment)

    52 woodworking projects kids can build (or middle-aged woodworking novices like me!)

  • Old CDs = iPod (0 comment)

    Dumb Little Man points to a store that lets you trade your CDs for an iPod. You have to ship the CDs to them, but this is a great deal for anyone with a collection of CDs they never listen to.

  • Eating Healthy at Fast-Food Restaurants (0 comment)

    If you’re going to eat fast-food, consider healthy options. [via lifehacker]

  • 10 Stupid Mistakes Made by the Newly Self-Employed (0 comment)

    This advice is geared towards small business owners, particularly people who are just starting (or about to start) their own business.

  • My Paycheck is Late Again (6 comments)

    “I’m starting the second month of my job, and my fourth paycheck is now a day late. Of the 4 checks I’ve been due (including this one,) 2 have been late, the first one by 5 days. I’d like most to get my checks on time, but if I can’t do that (or even if I can,) I’d like to do something about it that makes my displeasure known. Any ideas?”

  • Health and Fitness Roundup (0 comment)

    Lifehacker has a roundup of recent health and fitness posts.

  • The Right Way to Use a Reverse Mortgage (0 comment)

    For seniors, this option can be a reasonable way to raise much-needed funds.

  • Accidental Entrepreneurs Turn Hobbies Into Livelihoods (1 comment)

    InformationWeek interviewed five accidental tech entrepreneurs, including the founders of del.icio.us and Digg and the author of the blog Dooce, to find out how they freed themselves from the paycheck-to-paycheck grind.

  • Making a Watch By Hand (0 comment)

    In these days of “fast” and “convenient” I decided to commence a work of “painstaking” and “craftsmanship”, making my own wristwatch.

  • Prompting Americans to Save (0 comment)

    The New York Times has a piece entitled Looking for the Incentives that Will Prompt Americans to Save More [may require registration]

  • The Nightmare Next Door (0 comment)

    “What to do before your neighbor’s overgrown yard, Day-Glo paint job or never-ending renovation drives down your home’s value — and drives you up the wall.”

  • A Treatise of True Things About Whole Foods Market (2 comments)

    Mr. Food Markets takes exception to the recent post about ten things your supermarket won’t tell you. He’s provided a point-by-point rebuttal.

  • Balancing the Beauty Budget (0 comment)

    The Bargain Queen has a piece on which cosmetics to buy cheap and which to spend money on. As a guy, this is all a mystery to me.

  • Co-Signing a Mortgage: Its Effects? (2 comments)

    From AskMe: How much will my father co-signing on a mortgage help me? Will the lender essentially give me the same rates they would give my dad?

  • Free Video eCards Through July (0 comment)

    Jalapenyo, a new video ecard service, is free until the end of July. [via Parent Hacks]

  • Fix Your Broken Appliance, Don’t Replace It (1 comment)

    Dumb Little Man suggests that you oughtn’t just buy a new dishwasher when the old one dies. Do a little research. It may be easier (and cheaper!) to repair than you think.

  • How is a Canadian Art-Pop Singer like a Bagel Salesman? (0 comment)

    The Freakonomics blog has a feature on user-determined pricing. It’s a fascinating glimpse at the future of online economics.

  • Win Lunch with Warren Buffett (1 comment)

    If you have half-a-million dollars, you can bid on lunch with Warren Buffett.

  • Steve Pavlina: The Power of Now (1 comment)

    “I began focusing more of my energy on improving the quality of my present reality instead of projecting all those improvements into the realm of someday. I started asking questions like, ‘How can I experience more joy in this very moment?’”

  • Check Your Local Library for Summer Reading Activities (0 comment)

    Parent Hacks encourages you to take advantage of your public library to foster learning and fun for your children.

  • The Lazy Way to Success (0 comment)

    The Lazy Way to Success is a weblog about “smart laziness”, about avoiding work but still getting the job done. This may actually be worth an actual entry… [via lifehacker]

  • What’s the Next Action? (0 comment)

    A weblog about getting things done.

  • The Things I Own End Up Owning Me (0 comment)

    How do I become less materialistic? Should I become a Luddite?

  • Sniping is the Best Way to Win on eBay (3 comments)

    According to mathematicians, “the best way to win an online auction is to wait until the very last moment before making a bid in the hope no one else will have time to respond.”

  • Creative Job: Commute Helper (0 comment)

    One fellow in San Francisco has created his own job. He’s a commute helper. Pay him a flat fee and he’ll ride with you in your car so that you can use the carpool lane.

  • Why do Tipping Rates Keep Rising? (3 comments)

    An AskMetafilter user wonders: why do tipping rates keep rising?

  • Work For Yourself First (0 comment)

    A common piece of personal finance advice is “pay yourself first”. Achieve-IT! recommends extending this philosophy so that you work for yourself first, too.